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Top 7 Foods for a Healthy Liver Cleanse and Why You Should Care

Your liver works hard to keep dangerous toxins from polluting your body. It is constantly filtering the blood, removing poisons that pollute the body via the digestive tract, skin and respiratory system. Consumption of processed and fast foods puts tremendous strain on your liver and can send it into overdrive.

It is not just a westernized diet that strains this vital organ but also environmental toxins; the personal care and cleaning products we use daily. Unless you clean your house with organic cleaners and use non-toxic personal care products, your liver is being burdened. As time passes, the liver is unable to keep up with the flood of toxins entering the body it becomes sluggish and less responsive.

Although you can purchase pricey detox packages or supplements, the best way to detox your liver is by consuming a healthy, whole food diet. Add these seven powerhouse foods to your diet on a regular basis to give your liver a natural detox.

Warm Lemon Water

Starting your day off with a glass of warm lemon water is an Ayurveda and Yogic tradition. Lemon water stimulated digestion, getting the digestive tract ready for the day by clearing out any toxins that have accumulated in the tract overnight. Be sure to use real lemon juice and warm filtered water for best results.


This pungent little herb is a wonderful addition to any salad. Garlic contains sulfur, which activates liver enzymes. Garlic is a rich source of allicin and selenium, which offer protection for an overworked liver.


This Indian spice, known to be a powerful anti inflammatory, encourages the regeneration of liver cells. It also helps the liver produce bile, which is necessary for detoxification.


Many people do not realize it, but avocados are highly nutritious and contain glutathione-producing compounds that boost the liver’s ability to clean itself. Research demonstrates that consuming one to two avocados per week can make a tremendous difference in liver health in as little as 30 days

Green Leafy

Leafy greens are great friends to the liver. They are high in plant chlorophylls, which suck up environmental toxins from the blood stream. They can also neutralize heavy metals, pesticides and chemicals. Greens such as arugula, dandelion greens, spinach, mustard greens and chicory are easy to incorporate into your diet and will help promote the production of bile which is essential in detoxification.

Olive, Hemp and Flaxseed Oils

Consuming a little bit of cold-pressed and organic olive oil, hemp and flaxseed are all good for the liver. These oils provide a lipid base that is highly efficient in sucking up harmful toxins. This takes a tremendous burden off of the liver.

Organic Green Tea

Organic green tea is loaded with plant antioxidants that are known as catechins, compounds that are known to promote healthy liver function. Research has shown that green tea may also boost mental alertness and help reduce the incidence of cancer, heart disease and diabetes.


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