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Eat Chocolate and These Other Fatty Foods to Lose Lower Belly Fat

In the great quest to lose weight and look our absolute best most of us have taken the extreme route of trying to cut out as much fat from our diets as possible. Then we found out that it isn’t just eating fat that makes you fat, but a variety of factors that include unhealthy fats and over-consumption of processed foods. Not to mention the fact that totally eliminating fat from a diet is virtually impossible.

So besides being unsightly, what’s the big deal with belly fat, also known as adipose or visceral fat? Unfortunately getting rid of belly fat is about more than wearing skinny jeans and going shirtless; it has been linked to high blood pressure, cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. When put in that perspective, learning how to lose lower belly fat seems a small price to pay, doesn’t it?

Good vs. Evil

Okay so maybe these fats shouldn’t be deemed evil but they certainly fall into the category of ‘bad’ or unhealthy fats. These bad fats contribute to ever-expanding waistlines in the Western world. So rather than focusing on consuming as little fat as possible, we now know that it’s the type of fats that matter.

Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are healthy fats that should be part of any well-balanced diet. These types of fats lower the risk of obesity related diseases and contribute to good health. Conversely, Trans fats are man made fats and are “bad” and increase our risks of heart disease, cancer and diabetes, among other diseases.

Bad fats are typically found in cookies, cakes, chips and other processed junk foods, while nuts and fish are packed with good fats.

In fact many of the foods with good fats are quite high in fat, but not so much so that they need to be eliminated from your diet. And what’s more is that you might find these foods pleasing to your palate!


If you’re looking for a way to combat sugar cravings while also getting rid of lower belly fat look no further than dark chocolate. Of course it isn’t as sweet and smooth as its milk chocolate counterpart, but organic dark chocolate that is 70% or more cacao can act as an appetite suppressant thanks to stearic acid.

Stearic acid is cholesterol neutral, meaning it neither reduces LDL or increases HDL, and increases digestion time so you feel fuller for a longer period of time.

Now that you can happily enjoy a piece of dark chocolate now and again remember to eat small pieces irregularly. Moderation is the key to losing lower belly fat.

Wild Salmon

The key to eating fatty foods like salmon and other foods on this list is to eat them naturally. That means organic chocolate and wild-caught salmon rather than farmed or genetically modified franken-fish. Foods in their most natural state provide the best nutrients, particularly omega-3 fatty acids that are fantastic for burning lower belly fat. Omega 3’s are not naturally produced and we need them in our diet, and honestly we just can’t be sure what is in modified foods.

Wild salmon can help lose lower belly fat because it omega-3 fatty acids boost the production of metabolism and appetite regulating hormones like leptin. Let’s not forget that salmon is a staple in the belly fat busting Mediterranean Diet.

Olive Oil

We know that vegetable oils such as olive and sunflower are considered good fats, but many people—particularly Americans—mistakenly purchase generic vegetable oil thinking it’s perfectly healthy. But this generic catch-all oil is often made from Trans fats and partially-hydrogenated oil which is most definitely part of the ‘bad fats’ category.

Hands down olive oil is the best oil you can add to your diet to lose lower belly fat. Olive oil has a significant amount of monounsaturated fats that keep arteries free and clear while also improving heart function. Finally regular consumption of olive oil increases levels of the protein Adiponectin which regulates the breakdown of fatty acids.

Again the key with choosing the right olive oil is to make sure it is cold-pressed, organic if possible and avoid those fake olive oils that are golden in color.


When most people set out on a low fat diet one of the first foods to get the boot is fat-heavy nuts. Most nuts are anywhere from 70 to 90% fat, but we now know that those are all healthy fats along with a healthy dose of micronutrients.

Whether you prefer macadamias, walnuts, almonds, pecans or pistachios, a small quantity of nuts can help regulate blood sugar, food cravings and appetites. More than that however, nuts have been shown to regulate fat burning hormones to get rid of extreme highs and lows so you burn fat constantly.

Instead of relying on fad diets and exercising until your legs are wobbly you should be adding more healthy fatty foods to lose lower belly fat. Nutritionists, personal trainers and dieticians have long said that fat loss isn’t about what you don’t eat but about what you eat, and now you know they were right.


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