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Using This Raises Your Heart Attack and Stroke Risk By 30%

For many men in their 50s and 60s, that all too familiar dip in energy and sexual vigor is often a fact of life–and a clear sign of diminishing testosterone levels. For many healthcare professionals, though, the solution is clear: Have them take a testosterone supplement.

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Eating This Lowers Your Stroke Risk by 32%

It’s a common saying: An apple a day keeps the doctor away. But could it ward off your risk of a stroke? As it turns out, adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet could reduce it by up to 32 percent, according to a new analysis led by researchers from the Medical College of Qingdao University in China...

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Top 7 Foods for a Healthy Liver Cleanse and Why You Should Care

Your liver works hard to keep dangerous toxins from polluting your body. It is constantly filtering the blood, removing poisons that pollute the body via the digestive tract, skin and respiratory system. Consumption of processed and fast foods puts tremendous strain on your liver and can send it into overdrive...

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Eat Chocolate and These Other Fatty Foods to Lose Lower Belly Fat

In the great quest to lose weight and look our absolute best most of us have taken the extreme route of trying to cut out as much fat from our diets as possible. Then we found out that it isn’t just eating fat that makes you fat, but a variety of factors that include unhealthy fats and over-consumption of processed foods...

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The 5 Surprising Best Exercises to Lose Belly Fat…No, Not Crunches!

For many of us, it’s too elusive–those flat, six pack abs that grace the cover of fitness and diet magazines (and unfortunately, not us). With an obesity rate that continues to climb in the United States, it’s clear most of us don’t have our bodies under control either. “So in one sense, the obesity crisis is the result of simple math...

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REVIEWED: The French Stretch Mark Removal Device That Really Works

While your well-intentioned friend may call them “tiger stripes,” you know all too well of the embarrassment and distress caused by those red lines on your thighs, stomach and breasts, better known as stretch marks. While people get them for many reasons, its main cause is clear: A rapid stretching of the skin beyond its limits...

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This Fruit Could Stop Memory Loss For Good

Afraid of losing your memory? Turns out there’s a new way to prevent a type of memory loss associated with dementia, according to researchers from the Salk Institute for Biological Studies. The solution? Eating a bowl of strawberries. The findings, which were published in the journal Aging Cell, say that a natural chemical found in strawberries...

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